Advertise Your Business

Let Williamtown Cable Channel help grow your business and keep you connected to your customers. 

Serving Williamstown as well as surrounding areas from the Ohio River in Warsaw to the Licking River in Falmouth..

This is TV advertising! 

To help you achieve this goal, Williamstown Cable dedicates channel 16 & 21 on their cable channel lineup to the community, here you can make your own commercials and target the customers you need to reach.

Why advertise with us?

Advertising allows your business to target their local customers that may not be using any other source of connection to the community other than a tv connection and for this customer it  allows a sense of familiarity to ensue they can remain loyal to your business.

Business and Non-Profit can always showcase their products or events with one page ads or commercials.
To place and ad or check on advertising prices call 859-824-3633