Mayor Christopher Family Photo

The City of Williamstown welcomed the new Mayor on January 1, 2023.  Mayor Mark Christopher is very excited to begin this new role and serve the City of Williamstown.
He is the Son of Robin (Landrum) Doyle, and the oldest brother to Eric Landrum and Olivia Doyle. He is married to his wife Hannah Christopher and together they have two sons: Charlie who is 3 years old and Jace who is 3 months old. He owns and operates his own company where he hand makes The World’s One and Only Arrowhead Shaped Guitar Picks. Before becoming Mayor, he spent time as a missionary in Honduras and worked at Grant County’s locally owned and operated radio station, Classic County 106.7 for 17 years.

Contact Mayor: Mark Christopher

Mayor Christopher is always interested in hearing from the citizens of Williamstown. 
If you have any questions or concerns for the Mayor’s Office, please call (859) 824-6351.