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John Osborne is a true American Hero. With his Spec 5 ranking, Mr. Osborne served the United States Air Force as a crew chief, door gunner, and sometimes helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War. Mr. Osborne was part of a heroic mission on May 15th, 1967, when Lt. Con. Charles Kettles took 6 separate trips to save a group of 44 stranded American soldiers. Mr. Osborne was wounded during one of these flights but continued on with the mission. Lt. Con. Charles Kettles was awarded a Medal of Honor in 2016 for his heroic actions and bravery. Mr. Osborne, however, is perhaps the only person whom we have heard of that was offered the Medal of Honor as well, but turned it down stating that, “he was just serving his Country, and didn’t need any recognition for what he did.”

As we are all aware of, Mr. Osborne’s return home, like so many other Vietnam Veterans, came with a lot of difficulties and hardship. One way Mr. Osborne found to help him cope was to escape into the world of his artwork. Through his art he had this ability to share his stories of Vietnam, to share the hardship and pain of war. John is one of the most talented artists you could ever meet. One of his greatest artistic achievements includes getting to hand deliver one of his works to former President George W. Bush in 2006 in the White House. That piece can now be found on display at the George W. Bush Library & Museum Center

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John Osborne     


The City of Williamstown held an event called "Bubble Day". Over 100 families participated in this event, and there were all kinds of games and activities for the children.  Thank you to all employees that helped make this day possible.

                        Bubble Day 2023-1       Bubble Day 20232        Bubble Day 2023 -3


What fun at the Senior Social Luau!!  Everyone had a great time and laughed all day with Suzanne Piper-Baird, Certified Senior Advisor, Laughing Yoga Instructor and Terry Foster, RN Nurse Humorist.  Thank you to Cindy Ray for getting an event like this planned for our community!

                   Senior Luau 23 - 3       Senior Luau 23 -2       Senior Luau 23 -1