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The Williamstown Water Treatment plant built in 2018 is located at 703 Waterworks Road, is owned by Mayor and Council of Williamstown, Kentucky and operated by the Williamstown Municipal Water Department.

Supply and Demand

Williamstown Water Treatment Plant builds, operates and maintains miles of water and supplies water not only to the City of Williamstown but also the surrounding areas including Bullock Pin, Dry Ridge and Corinth. 

The treatment plant daily serves and estimated population of 22,173.  

The maximum daily demand is 2 million gallons per day, but capable of 4 million a day. 


The Williamstown Treatment Plant has 1 ground level tank with a total useable storage capacity of 4 million gallons a day.

  • please call the Cemetery Sexton, Dennis Stanley at  859-824-3374

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In order to maintain the cemetery in a manner that you can be proud of, we have established regulations concerning the decoration of graves.

These regulations are to ensure the beauty of the cemetery and the safety of visitors and groundskeepers. 

SPRING CLEANUP—Each year beginning March 15th or immediately there after, is the traditional time used by the cemetery to clean the grounds and prepare the cemetery for spring. If you wish to retain your items, it is your responsibility to have them removed before March 15th of each year. ALL remaining items, including planter boxes, will be removed and disposed. Permanent floral vases may be turned upright after April 15th.

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