About Us

The Williamstown Fire Department is located in the City of Williamstown in Grant County, Kentucky.wfd patch
The City of Williamstown is about 47 miles north of Lexington, Kentucky and 40 miles south of Cincinnati, Ohio.
Williamstown  Volunteer Fire Department has both paid and volunteer staff consisting of a paid Chief, 12 part time firefighters and 21 volunteer firefighters.

We respond to a wide range of fire and rescue related incidents and provide EMS 1st response for the local ambulance services.

We have members trained in various technical rescue scenarios and haz-mat as well as search and rescue.

Our fire department serves a population of about 7000 people in an area of approximately 61 square miles.

Our district consists of urban, rural and farmland.

Located within our coverage area :

  • Railroad - 12 miles of railway (Norfolk-Southern) 
  • Interstate (1-75) - 9 miles 
  • Industrial district
  • Business district - located on Main Street with buildings dating back to the mid to late 1800s. 
  • Williamstown Lake - a  350-acre recreational resource in our coverage area, that has 32 miles of shoreline with over 450 lake front properties.