The Public Works Department maintains approximately 43 miles of City-maintained streets and 18 miles of State maintained highways in the City limits. 

The Department is dedicated to enhancing our citizen's quality of life by providing quality maintenance to city-owned infrastructure including:

  • Maintain/Maintenance all City Owned Vehicles/Equipment
  • Maintain/Maintenance all City Owned Buildings/Facilities
  • Maintain/Maintenance on City Owned Property including:
    • Mowing
    • Trimming
    • Landscaping
    • Weed Spraying
  • Maintain/Maintenance at all Public Parks
  • Maintain/Maintenance all City Streets/Roadways including:
    • Street/Roadways Right-Of-Way
    • Road Projects
    • Road Repairs
    • Litter/Trash pickup
    • Street Sweeping
    • Ice and Snow Removal
  • Maintain/Maintenance of all City Sidewalks including:
    • Repair
    • Replace
  • Maintain/Maintenance of Street Signs
  • Stormwater Maintenance/Management
  • Maintain/Maintenance of Williamstown Cemetery 
    • The Public Works Department is also maintaining the Williamstown Cemetery located at Falmouth and Mill Street in Williamstown, Kentucky

Our responsibilities are to the citizens to provide a safe and clean community in which to live.