The City of Williamstown Water Treatment Plant is owned by Mayor and Council of Williamstown, Kentucky and operated by the Williamstown Municipal Water Department. The Water Department maintains many miles of water pipes that supplies water not only to Williamstown but alsothe surrounding areas including Dry Ridge, Corinth, and part of the Bullock Pen water district in Crittenden.
This state-of-the-art facility located at 703 Waterworks Road went fully online on March 8th, 2018 and is only one of a few like this facility in the State of Kentucky that uses a DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) system.
Williamstown Treatment Plant produces 2,770 gallons of water per minute with a maximum daily capacity of 2 million gallons per day!
There is another 1.2 million gallons of water located throughout the county in Williamstown, Dry Ridge, Corinth and Bullock Pen in water storage tanks, these tanks are maintained and refilled with fresh treated water everyday to have a water supply that would last for 24 hours if needed for outages.

Williamstown Lake - Source of Williamstown WaterOUR WATER SOURCE
Williamstown water source is the Williamstown Lake – the raw, untreated water comes entirely from this 330-acre man-made lake.  At the treatment plant a continuous laboratory analysis is performed on the water and in the distribution system to ensure that all water treated at the facility meets or exceeds state and federal water quality compliance standards. This insures we have high quality drinking water at the tap!


Our raw water source comes from Williamstown Lake, protecting our drinking water starts at the source!
What would happen if a large algae bloom occurred or a boating accident on the lake resulted in a petroleum spill?
Williamstown Treatment Plant has 3 large Granulated Activated Carbon Tanks (GAC's) that can absorb any spills that may occur and purifies the water before it goes through other treatments throughout the plant. 

Water Department Employees

Attracting, Training, and Retaining Talent to ensure a pool of qualified and certified operators is essential for Safe Drinking Water. All Operators/Employees of the Water Plant must meet requirements set by the State of Kentucky to be able to operate the Water Treatment Plant. Every operator must be certified which requires them to take and pass an exam that demonstrates the necessary skills, knowledge, ability, and judgement as appropriate for the operator, they must also meet training requirements every 2 years for maintaining their certification.
We are very fortune here at Williamstown to have a highly trained staff that dedicated themselves to producing drinking water that meets all the state and federal drinking water standards.


Thank you to the employees at the Williamstown Water Department for producing water that meets all state and federal drinking water standards and the vital role they play in our daily lives to ensure our drinking water is safe for our community.
Every year, every community must provide an Annual Drinking Water Quality Report to their customers. This report provides information on the local drinking water quality including the water source.

Click Here to see Annual Water Quality Report


Without much thought you turn on the faucet and water flows out!Almost 4 million gallons of treated water is used every day by Williamstown residents, visitors and businesses – for drinking and bathing, watering our lawns, growing our crops and servicing our industries. With increasing water demands we must make sure we meet all future water needs.  As part of our job here at the Williamstown Treatment Plant water supply planning is essential to ensures there is sufficient water supplies to meet the needs of our residents, visitors, and the environment – now and in the future.

School Tour Photo
Children are our future and water is critical for all survival!
Water treatment is important because if water is not treated properly, it can cause you to get very sick.  
Williamstown Water Department provides an opportunity for students to tour our state-of-the-art Water Treatment Facility and given an insight about our water.  They will learn where our water source comes from and the processes involved in water treatment which allows them to receive safe and healthy drinking water at home
If you would like to learn more about taking a tour of our facility - Please call 859-824-4210 for more details.

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"Dedicated to producing drinking water that meets all state and federal drinking water standards"

Click Here to see Annual Water Quality Report