The Williamstown Water Treatment plant built in 2018 is located at 703 Waterworks Road, is owned by Mayor and Council of Williamstown, Kentucky and operated by the Williamstown Municipal Water Department.

The City of Williamstown Water Treatment Plant  operates and maintains many miles of water pipes that supplies water not only to Williamstown but also the surrounding areas including Bullock Pin, Dry Ridge and Corinth.

The treatment plant currently serves and estimated population of 22,173 people daily and maximum daily demand is 2 million gallons per day, the treatment plant has 1 ground level tank with a total useable storage capacity of 4 million gallons a day.

Our raw, untreated water comes entirely from  the 330-acre man-made  Williamstown Lake . At the treatment plant continuous laboratory analysis is performed on the water and in the distribution system to ensure that all water treated at our facility meets or exceeds state and federal water quality compliance standards. 

Over the years, we have dedicated ourselves to producing drinking water that meets all state and federal drinking water standards.