webb shelter


Webb Park is a  beautiful 8 1/2 acre park that provides plenty of green space where children and families can enjoy being outdoors.

Webb Park is one several parks in the City of Williamstown that is well suited for all ages and offers a great place for varies activities.  The park offers 3 shelters with plenty of tables for having a picnic, celebrating a special occasion,  or simply relaxing and enjoy our free wifi at this location. 

There are  two playgrounds located at this location as well as a tennis and basketball court .  Here you'll find  plenty of green space for flying kites, throw ball or throwing a fresbee

Webb Park has a tennis court, basketball court and  parks have tennis courts and fields for soccer and baseball. They offer leagues for organized sports, but you don't have to be on a team to enjoy playing around with a ball. An open field is a great place to practice kicking around the soccer ball or have a game of catch. Show up with a ball and you just might find enough willing players for a pick-up game.
or take a hike on the nature trail  riding bikes, flying kites or having a picnic in one of the three shelters. 

Are you interested in some close encounters of the natural kind? State and national parks teem with wildlife, both the stationary and the ambulatory kinds. You can expose your children to the wonder of nature and learn about native plant and animal species that inhabit various environments. Take along your camera to capture the weird and wonderful things you find. Later, you can make a scrapbook detailing your discoveries.

Have a Picnic
Can you ever be too young or too old for a picnic? Grab a basket and blanket for a lazy, languid feast on a grassy park lawn. Or load some hearty fare into a backpack and hike to the perfect spot near a waterfall or to a peak with an endless view. If you're heading to a park with a lake or pond, take along some extra bread to feed the ducks.