William Arnold Log House

Looking for somewhere around Williamstown to explore a history museum?

Do you want to check out some top facts about Williamstown while spending a day off?

Check out the William Arnold Log House!

The William Arnold Log House is a popular museum in Williamstown built in the 1800s by William Arnold, founder of Williamstown, KY. 

This 2-story log cabin is a museum where you can come to see cool pieces of history.

Period furniture and household items belonging to William Arnold are top sights to see here.

On a tour here, you will feel like you have just stepped into the 1800s.

Moreover, this museum is an incredible piece of local treasure in Williamstown.

There’s just so much local history and artifacts on exhibit to tour and look at while here!

Address: 224 S Main St, Williamstown, Kentucky 41097, United States

If you are looking for somewhere in Williamstown to take a brief history lesson or even admire the architecture, this place is a pick!

Also, the curators here are knowledgeable about every piece and will spend time helping you with information concerning them.

Nevertheless, this place is a good place to get creative ideas, if you are working on a huge piece of art, come and get inspiration from here!